Novel Writing Music

Following shortly after my first post, I suddenly decided, I’m going to make a list of my favorite novelling music. Because why not?

1) Legend of Korra Soundtrack

  • This soundtrack is just…… *goosebumps*. Say what you will about the series (I honestly didn’t find it as grating as my friends, though Korra’s lack of learning from her mistakes did get on my nerves. There have been worse T.V. shows out there.

2) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Manheim Steamrollers)

  • I just play this over and over and over and over and over again. The reason probably being that my school band played this for our Christmas concert, and the whole beginning is a baritone (AKA: Me) solo. And it’s just the most beautiful yet rocky solo, and I just love it.

3) Hatsune Miku/ Rin and Len Kagamine

  • This is Japanese vocaloid, so skip if you don’t like listening to songs in other languages. Personally, I find it helps me concentrate so I don’t concentrate on the words of the song. But I unfortunately do know the words to some songs (*coughcough* the world is mine *coughcough*)

4) Demons A Capella

  • *shiver* Now, I’m not one for “normal” music like this. I listen to fandubs of Japanese songs for pete’s sake! But I heard this song from somewhere, and this is just perfect. He may not be perfectly on pitch (so some people say. I honestly can’t tell….), but it’s just really good. Check it out:

5) Anything Anthony Warlow

  • If you haven’t heard Anthony Warlow sing, now is the time to do it. He does a pretty good Phantom from Phantom of the Opera,and he also does Enojas, or whatever that one Revolutionary guy from Les Miserable is called, and has a beast solo that he NAILS. But I’m thinking about Anthony Warlow as Jekyll and Hyde. Go on youtube and look up “Anthony Warlow Alive”. You’re welcome.

6) JubyPhonic

  • Juby is a youtuber who makes fantastic fandubs of songs I’ve never heard of, but her songs are really emotional, and her voice is 10 times better than mine in my dreams of me singing the National Anthem at the Packer’s game. (I lied, I’ve never even dreamed of singing since I’m so hopeless….)But seriously. Check her out. Do it. Now.
  • My favorites of her songs (From the top of my head and in no particular order): Outer Science, Superhero, Witch Hunt, Game of Life (My first Juby song!), Death Should Not Have Taken Thee, Hide and Seek, Remote Control, Lost Ones Weeping, Lies, and Clean Freak. But I love a bunch more.

That’s pretty much it. I have some Vic Mignogna songs, some other vocaloid/KLove songs, but most of my novelling song population is from the above.

If you have any suggestions for good novelling music, let me know and I’ll check it out. Just one thing, please keep it PG 13. Thanks!


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