Post Number 1! and The Trials and Tribulations of Editing

Hello all (one of you)!

My name is Tess, and I am an aspiring author working on getting her novel published. This blog will be a memorandum of my efforts, most of which will likely be in vain. OTL

But I will persevere! I will upload snippets of my story, share my novelling problems with you, some body who probably doesn’t get a whoot about it. But I shall speak nevertheless, because I talk waaaaaaay too much. This way I can talk a whole lot, and you don’t have to listen/read unless you want to!

My main problem: Editing.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE editing. Completely seriously. I enjoy editing. But I just can’t get myself motivated to edit a 92 page Microsoft Word document. Luckily, my friend from school has been bugging me for weeks (even before the book was started…) to let her read it, and I am currently on Christmas Break (NO MORE FINALS!!!!!!!), so it is very likely  that I will at least start editing.

…You know what? I feel like uploading the first page of my story, since I need the feedback.

Brief synopsis: Rhiannon and her brother are spirited away to a strange world called Ture by a strange half human hybrid who claims that Rhiannon is Ture’s “True Heir” and needs to save Ture from civil war. Navigating through mountains and forests, though loyalty and betrayal, not everyone can make it out alive.

What do you think of the synopsis? I worked pretty hard on that! ^.^


“No.” The girl tugged on her low hanging pigtail with a scowl. “Yaviel…” A thin man sighed and adjusted the too big crown that sat atop his scrawny head.

“You should know I’m no good with people. I’ll break her or something. Why not tell Malen or Basu? They’re better suited for this sort of… thing… sir.”

“You mean social interaction? You’re right. But that’s the point. Nothing you can say or do can possibly be worse than the pressure of saving an entire country from civil war. Believe me. Ruling one is rough enough.” The king stroked some of his auburn hair, fingering silvery white strands that showed his experience at such a relatively young age. “Besides.” He said. “It’ll be good practice.” He grinned. Yaviel glared at him, and he threw his hands up with a groan. “Fine, fine! To the point…”

Mahli grabbed a small, palm-sized mirror off one of the arms of his ornately fashioned throne and handed it to Yaviel. “Take this for Contact and teleportation. It is connected to my mirror here.” He held up a larger mirror that rested on the other throne arm. Yaviel stared from the mirror’s surface to Mahli and blinked a few times.

“May I go now?” She asked pointedly. Mahli gave a one-sided smile. “You might want to make sure the Contact works first.” He replied, raising a single eyebrow. Yaviel stuck her tongue out but obliged, calling Mahli’s name. There was a quick pause before the mirror’s surface shifted, and it showed the curved, wood-supported roof. Mahli leaned over and dangled his face in front of the mirror on his throne, and his face appeared on Yaviel’s mirror. Yaviel nodded shortly. “It works.” She said. Mahil nodded and tapped the side of the mirror. Yaviel’s mirror returned to normal.

He smiled tiredly. “Then there’s one more thing you probably need.” Mahli motioned to a guard standing a distance away, who heaved a knapsack at Yaviel’s chest. She caught it easily and flung it over a shoulder. She looked at him expectantly, and he nodded. Then she disappeared in a flash of light.

Mahli collapsed on his throne with a sigh of relief, running a hand through his grey-streaked hair. Just as he was about to close his eyes for a little nap, the doors to the throne room burst open, and Mahli jackknifed to his feet.

Mahli’s chief strategist burst through the door, and motioned for the guards to leave. They did. “Your Highness,” the strategist bowed on one knee. “I have found a way to turn the tide of the war.”

So, that’s the first chapter/page. It’s a pretty short prologue, but prologues should be short. Or do you think that’s more of a chapter 1 sort of thing? I personally feel that it takes place before the actual story (in which Yaviel takes Rhiannon to Ture.), but if you feel this is part of the story, then the only way you’ll let me know is through a comment!

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