The Joys of Editing

NOTE: This was written December 21st, and for some reason I only now realized that it didn’t post. So, sorry. I hope you enjoy it nevertheless!

Ah, editing. Right now, I am on a school bus heading from Chicago to my school, so I have a whole hour to edit. I got through a good portion of my story and have a plan of when I’m going to edit the rest of it. I should be done before the end of Christmas Break, and have it typed up by the time school starts. Then I’ll let my friend read it over, get her opinion, and make some adjustments.

But today was TubaChristmas in Chicago, and two tubas, two baritones (including me!) and our band director drove down from our school to play. It was soooo much fun, and I look forward to doing it again. We had to park so far away that we just marched through the streets and played Christmas carols. It was a bunch of fun. If you were along Monroe street in Chicago at about 2:15 and you saw a group of teenagers, one of which had a blue tuba, that was us!

This is just a short update, just to let everyone know that I exist and I plan on being pretty punctual on this thing (Future edit: Punctual. Ha.). I’ll try to update you on my progress once a week. During school breaks, it’ll probably be more like once a day (Future edit: Once a day. Ha.), but when school is in session, it’s (“it” being school) my number one priority.

So with that, I bid all you adieu!


2 thoughts on “The Joys of Editing

  1. Hi Teresa, So you are one of those people with those big, deep sounding horns. I always smile when I hear them, playing so earnestly and energetically. I am happy you are happy with the edit part of your story. Maybe you could come edit mine, too. Thank you – Silent

    1. Please, call me Tess! “Teresa” really doesn’t fit me. ^.^ And yes, I love the baritone. I’m glad you enjoy hearing them. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t care. (Mostly it’s the trumpets ;))

      As for editing your story, I do have other commitments, but I might be able to get around to it eventually. Where can I find it?

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