All Caught Up!

…At least blog-wise.

I went through my emails and caught up with everyones who liked or followed my blog. If you follow my blog and I didn’t comment on anything and/or follow you, just give me a gentle reminder on my “About” page.

I’m a little behind where homework’s concerned. I had a whole breakdown where I thought I lost a really important piece of paper that had some of my notes for that giant paper I mentioned in my Good news/Bad news post. Then I realized that the day I planned to do it, I was swamped with school and other homework.

But I lost a good hour swearing like a sailor (which is highly unusual for me. I’m a freaking goody-two shoes!), and crying my eyes out. (I am a youngest child, so I still haven’t grown out of crying, though I’m proud to say that I don’t use it to my advantage. I just can’t stop it…)

Thus tomorrow’s plans of only editing have been shattered. But it will only be a few hours after church, and then I can edit away.

And I still have Monday.

Well, thanks to everyone who follows me, and I look forward to posting parts of my (edited) story up in the not-so-distant future!


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