I Need Help!

Hey, guys, Tess here.

I finished editing my story and am starting to fix it on the computer.

But I have a problem. (Of course)

In the very beginning of the story, I have my main character, Yaviel, traveling to our world to get Rhiannon and bring her back. I have the prologue down (see my first-ever post.), and then there was a weird jump when I forgot my novel notebook somewhere and had to start from what I thought was next.

So what I need help with: How can I write Yaviel’s “kidnapping” of Rhiannon? Should I start from where Yaviel appears in our world and has to find Rhiannon? So I start from where she’s about to find Rhiannon? Or when she finds Rhiannon?

If I start with her in our world, how long should it take for Yaviel to find her? It’s gonna be the easy part (unless you think it should be the hard part, but I want to keep Yaviel’s experiences in our world to a minimum.), so what should happen?

All replies are appreciated, and if you have another idea, please comment! I’d REALLY appreciate it!


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