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I’m Gonna Learn Ya Good.

Literary misconceptions occur all the time, most likely due to misinterpretations by readers and dramatizations by movie makers.

Now, most people know Frankenstein is the man and not the monster. But did you know the monster doesn’t actually have a bolt in his head, and is neither green, stupid, or afraid of fire. The monster is superhumanly smart and strong, and actually likes fire.

“Elementary, my dear Watson.” Said no Sherlock Holmes novel ever. Holmes said several variations, but never that exact phrase.

Jekyll’s name is actually supposed to be pronounced Jeekyll.

Hyde is usually portrayed as bigger and more handsome than Jekyll, but in reality, he’s small, weasly, and really hideous. Maybe the handsome part is just me…

Dracula doesn’t actually get destroyed in the sunlight. He actually walks around London during the day and it’s even said that he’s strongest at noon. The whole sunlight-burns-them thing came from Nosferatu.

Lastly, Romeo and Juliet. Really famous Shakespeare play? Perhaps you’ve heard of it. There’s a famous line, “O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?”

Fun fact, she’s not asking where he is (when she says this, he’s right in front of her.), but asking why he has to be Romeo (a Montague).

I have fallen for every single one of these misconceptions, and only Literature classes have taught me otherwise. I hope you’ve learned something.

Are there any misconceptions I missed? Any you are sure are true? Let me know in the comments!